Las Vegas Casinos Open? Closed? Sports Bets? Buffets?

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by , 1 June 2021 at 1:12 pm (772 Views)

[SIZE=4]Las Vegas Casinos Open? Closed? Sports Bets? Buffets?[/SIZE][/CENTER]

Hello my friends! Thanks so much for joining me on another edition of the [URL=""]gambling news[/URL], and today is June the 1st! At least, it was June the 1st when I released this video. And today’s the day that Nevada is supposed to have [URL=""]casinos in Vegas[/URL] open in “normal” operations. You know: No social distancing… no wearing masks… and no COVID restrictions of any kind. And that is this week’s big story!

On our show from April 20th I told you that the Governor of Nevada had set a goal of June 1st to have all [URL=""]Las Vegas casinos open[/URL] in his state without any Coronavirus restrictions. A goal which most casinos in the state already met two weeks ago. Most… but not all. Several Las Vegas casinos still remain closed… these casinos. But hey, at least the list is getting shorter, right? We were able to confirm that these six properties are still shuttered, and unfortunately there is no reopening date in sight.

Meanwhile, sports betting in America is showing no signs of slowing down! In fact, you can now add [URL=""]Nebraska[/URL] and [URL=""]Connecticut[/URL] to the list of states regulating the activity! That brings the total to 30! 30!! However, it’s not all biscuits and gravy this week. On our last show we reported that the state of Florida had regulated sports betting, and with it [URL=""]online gambling[/URL]. But some last minute maneuvering by politicians put an end to that s–t! Republicans in the state legislature were able to remove all references to online gambling in this bill. So while sports betting still passed and will be regulated, no mobile or online bets will be accepted. Sons of b—!