Las Vegas Coronavirus Changes are Coming

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by , 14 April 2020 at 3:55 pm (1127 Views)
Many of us are waiting for Sin City to reopen, but when they do what Las Vegas Coronavirus changes can we expect? Some things will certainly change, like the way people check-in to hotels, rooms are sanitized and games are cleaned. But what about restaurants and nightclubs? What about big ticket shows? Those Coronavirus casino changes could hit everything from Uber to the hotel swimming pool!


Whether you’re a mother or whether you’re a brother, welcome to This Week in Gambling! And if you’re anything like me this whole shelter and place thing is getting pretty frustrating… even though I know we have to do it.

Last week we discussed WHEN casinos would reopen because eventually these restrictions will end and eventually people will want to travel again. If you’d like to see that video just follow[URL=""] this link[/URL]. This week’s big story is about WHAT we can expect [URL=""]when the casinos do eventually reopen[/URL].

Undoubtedly one of the biggest Las Vegas Coronavirus changes will be that not every casino is going to make it through this down time… and I’m not just talking about Las Vegas. Casinos all across America are losing millions and millions of dollars every day. It’s estimated that Caesars corporation can survive this shutdown for about 8 months… MGM only about 9… Boyd Gaming about 10. The Sands corporation and Wynn can survive about 15 to 20 months…. but what about the peripheral [URL=""]industries affected by the Coronavirus[/URL]?

Everyone who depends on the gaming industry from taxi drivers to airline workers is basically shut down right now. Think about the Uber drivers… the restaurant workers… and the people who put on all those extravagant shows! Oh, the Vegas show!s Yes, another big change could be an end to big venue attractions. Take for example Cirque de Soleil… just gone! And it’s not just the shows that are in danger. Other amenities at hotels where crowds gather, like nightclubs, buffets and pools.

I realize we’ve spoken almost exclusively about Las Vegas in this video because, after all, they are the biggest gaming destination in the country. But other casinos all across America are hurting as well. Penn National estimates they can survive only about 5 months of casino closures, While Red Rock says about a year.

Two of the biggest tribal casinos in America, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun ,both shut down last month and furloughed their employees… some of which have not been paid. But what about the hundreds and hundreds of other tribal gaming sites that might not be able to withstand a closure of several months? Hopefully there will be some federal aid money for that. Also El Dorado resorts… although the only thing I hear about them is that they’re still moving forward with their plans to merge with Caesars… and if that’s what they’re trying to do then well I guess that’s some good news!

But you know it’s alright… it’s okay… we’ll live to see another day! Because not all of the potential Las Vegas Coronavirus changes are necessarily bad! In fact, when we come back from the break we’ll discuss some of the tremendous opportunities that may exist for visitors that are brave enough to venture out!

You know, like I was saying before the break, not all of these potential changes coming to Las Vegas are necessarily a bad thing for visitors. In fact, even now we’re already seeing some huge discounts and great deals on hotel rooms and airfare… just remember that buying anything right now could be risky because we don’t know when all this pandemic, lock-down stuff is going to actually come to an end.

However, when things do get back to normal some analysts believe that we may see an end to those stupid hotel “Resort Fees”… You know those fees they use to advertise a lower rate that you’re really not getting, and then they add them on at the end when you go to checkout and jack up the price! Yeah… those! And we may see an end to hotel parking fees as well.

Another change that was taking place before the Coronavirus struck was hotel automation. I’ve actually gone to Las Vegas, checked into a hotel at a kiosk, stayed a week, checked out at the kiosk and never even spoken to anyone at the property! Moving forward I would expect to see even more kiosks and automation.

Also the way they clean your room, the elevators and all the gaming equipment will have to change… and I can say that with some confidence because I know if they don’t change it, ain’t nobody going back to their hotels or their casinos! Not you! Not me! Nobody! I would expect much stricter state regulations, probably in line with the CDC!

At the end of the day, my friends, just remember we’re all in this together. And even if things don’t get back to exactly the way they were, they will eventually get better. And if you’re in Las Vegas and you Feel the city breakin’ and everybody shakin’ we’re just stayin’ alive!


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