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5 Video Game Secrets That Took Years to Find

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by , 10 June 2021 at 7:49 am (13 Views)
5 Video Game Secrets That Took Years to Find
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Playing a game is an exciting pastime, but how much do you know about your favorite games? The history of Easter eggs is fascinating, and most game developers and programmers have built on it to hide game codes. Here are some of the discovered secrets you need to know, and you can have fun unraveling them yourself.

  1. The Birthday Message In Halo 3

Adrien Perez, a Bungie coder, had an idea of leaving Lauren, his wife, a birthday message on the company's project. It is one of the video games Easter eggs that got discovered later. Hopefully, it did not last that long to receive the wishes.
You can reveal the "Happy Birthday Lauren!" message if you start the Halo 3's single-player level and hold down the thumbsticks.

  1. More Than Popping Bubbles In Bubble Bobble

Bubble Bobble dates back to the 80s; the game has 99 levels but is full of unraveled codes. Most players believed that they could only trigger the game at random. However, until over a decade in the 90s, hackers were able to unravel the mystery that randomness is not all it took to win the game; there was complexity.
The number of times a player jumps and how many bubbles they pop and blow are the critical determinants for the appearing power-ups. You can find casinos on that will enable you to discover codes of Bubble Bobble and other games. With your first deposit, you get an offer of free spins, and you also enjoy extended gameplay, free money, and increased chances of winning.

  1. The Fifth Coin In Super Mario 64

Most gamers prefer to play games with collectibles, which makes Super Mario 64 one of their favorites. However, there is a mystery because though the Tiny-Huge Island slope of coins has four rows, it is supposed to be five. There was a hitch in programing, which caused the fifth coin to go underground which made it inaccessible.

  1. The Beast In Grand Theft Auto V

In Big Foot vs. Teen Wolf, a player could find scattered peculiar peyote plants across Los Santos, which turned avatars into Sasquatch. Though it seemed like a player had cracked a code, there was more to the mystery. The discovered plants would lead to a hunt where a player would find a beast werewolf that resembles Michael J. Fox.

  1. The Initials In Donkey Kong

It is incredible that the initials LMD appear at the screen’s bottom after a game coded by Landon M. Dyer took 26 years to get unwrapped. It took a hint from the developer in a blog post for people to realize it.
Programmers go the extra mile of putting Easter eggs in games to make the game more interesting. Some even hint to enable gamers to find them fast, while others enjoy keeping it under wraps. You could be those players who uncover the cracks and enjoy the limelight after sharing it with others.
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