Comp Prep Update 15/09

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by , 15 September 2014 at 2:35 am (2131 Views)
Less than 2 weeks out from the first comp now and I'm starting to feel crap.

Last week my trainer lowered my carbs from 100g of berries with breakfast, 1 cup of oats after training and some berries before bed, to 55g of berries in my first meal only. My carb depletion was awful last week anyway then this week she has upped my protein by 100g per day and gotten rid of all carbs.

At this moment I'm feeling tired and emotional. I'd be hungry too if I wasn't eating right at this moment. Well, I'm usually starting to get hungry about 2 hours after my last meal.

I'm starting to drop fat fast too. Having a biosig done tomorrow so I'll be able to tell exactly how much. I think I've lost some muscle too though. This last week I lost 2kg off the scales which I've never seen before. I can only assume it's a combination of both fat and muscle with the lack of carbs.

Had my blood pressure tested today and was told it is perfect. I thought she might be telling me it was low actually but I'm pleased to hear it's normal as that makes me know my light headedness after my sets are because of the no carbs.

I'll be on this new eating plan until Wednesday of next week, 3 days out from the comp. Very interested to see what she has in store for me for the last few.

I'm very much looking forward to stuffing my face with something naughty afterwards. Even the rice cakes and jam on the day will be a pleasant treat.

12 days to go :)