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by , 22 April 2009 at 8:42 pm (2101 Views)
Yes, I've joined the twitter revolution.

My [B]casino slot[/B] profile is another great outlet for my casino blog posts. I have set them up to send my rss feeds to friendfeed and twitterfeed. Friendfeed in turn sends some of these items to my twitter profile
Something seems to be working because there are now about 644 followers.

I have also been using google alerts to see how many tweets are actually 'heard' by google. It's 'not a lot', but some is better than nothing.

My twitter profile now also has a PR4 rating!

With my new blogs, I installed a wordpress plugin to just automatically send each post to a twitter profile.

I also started a twitter blog just to keep track of all the [B]twitter stuff[/B] I find. Just today I added a new post that refers you to a site that lets you [B]place ads in tweets[/B]. That now makes 2 sites that let you place ads in your tweets and 1 that sells your background.

It all happens so fast.

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