Is the industry going downwards?

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by , 21 January 2012 at 7:29 pm (1485 Views)
[QUOTE=Rostick;677104]Hi guys,

Seems to me that the affiliate industry has less potential than it used to. There are many things which are not going the way they should be. Affiliate programs are starting to change their terms, see bwin, ladbrokes and others, and it seems just a matter of time until most of the bookmakers/casinos will implement terms unfavouring the affiliates. It`s almost a fact.Things look to go in a bad direction.

Besides, regulations and laws are starting to become a problem. After several countries changed their terms regarding online gambling, being an affiliate in Romania (my native country) begins to seem impossible. From now online gambling services need to be licenced in our country, run servers here and pay unreasonable taxes in order to be able to accept romanian customers. It will be some time until things really go legal, but the law is clear and is in effect. Naturally, promoting unlicenced companies is illegal too, so it looks pretty clear to me that I and my fellow romanians will need to shut down our activities or find other ways to monetize our websites.

MAYBE a few bookies will find it wortwhile to obey these regulations but it`s rather unprobable and you can forget about bingo or anything else.

All in all, it doesn`t look good, and for me, being a romanian, it really seems like the end, at least temporary.

Good luck guys ![/QUOTE]