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by , 16 March 2010 at 1:46 pm (2976 Views)
There are different meanings about "The luck of the Irish". Some of the most popular are:

- The Irish are descendants from the Celtic and Viking fighters. Because of their figthing abilities and survival from war, starvation, famines and prejudice over the years, they became known as "lucky" people for overcoming all of that bad luck.

- Other meanings for the luck of the irish are based on the people who immigrated to USA during the exploration of gold in the west. Many Irish people got lucky who found their pot of gold or silver mining.

- There is also a legend of the little people from the land known as leprechauns. If someone was able to find our catch a leprechaun was a lucky event and will only happend in Ireland.

Online Casino players can also make their own luck disregarding their believes on the meaning of the Luck of the Irish. There is no need to be Irish to get this luck .

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