How to choose a decent affiliate program

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by , 24 March 2016 at 5:38 pm (1679 Views)
Whether you are promoting an online casino, poker rooms, sportsbooks, bingo halls or other types of gambling affiliate programs, choosing which sponsors to work with can be half the battle. There are countless gaming sponsors out there, but how do you distinguish between the good, the bad, and the ugly?

Here is how I decide which affiliate programs to join, and which ones to avoid.

Is there a negative carryover? If there is, then I will not sign up, because I donít want to acquire players for an outfit that might one day hit me with a massive negative carryover that I might never recover from. This has happened to me at a Playtech casino that I was promoting. The negative carryover was more than $30,000 and I am still in the red at that affiliate program, almost 2 years later.

Is there a minimum activity quota? Do I need to send the affiliate program a minimum number of depositing players every 3 months, or so? Some affiliate programs will not only reduce your revenue share commission if you fail to deliver a minimum number of players within a specified period of time, but they will even close your account and keep all your current and future commissions. What if your site loses its source of traffic, is penalised by a search engine, or you are unable to work for some reason? Will the affiliate program simply close your account and keep your commissions because for one reason or another youíre unable to send them an x number of signups every 3 months or so? Itís always better to avoid programs that have minimum activity quotas.

What is the tracking cookie duration? While some affiliate programs have tracking cookie durations of 24 hours, others have durations up to one year. The longer the cookie duration is, the more likely it is that the referring affiliate will receive credit for the sale. Most visitors will not sign up at an online casino within 24 hours of being referred to it. While the predatory affiliate programs will offer 24 hour or less cookies, the more fair and affiliate friendly sponsors will generally use tracking cookies that last for 30 days or more. This means that the person you have referred to the casino has 30 days to sign up or you will not receive credit for the referral.

Are the tracking cookies overwritten? Will the first or the last referrer receive credit for the sale? The person who closed the sale should receive credit for the sale. Therefore, I will not promote a sponsor who gives credit to the first referrer.

Who is promoting the sponsorís brands? Are super affiliates promoting these brands, or just a handful of small, unknown affiliates? If the large affiliates are not promoting them, then youíd have to wonder why that would be. Perhaps the sponsor is questionable, or the brands are inferior and donít convert very well. It is not in the super affiliateís best interests to top-list and seriously promote inferior sites at the cost of promoting the more decent ones which covert and make serious money.

What are the affiliate reviews saying about the sponsor and the brands? I always take time to read through the online gambling forums to learn about other affiliatesí experiences with a sponsor before I sign up. If there are a few too many negative reviews and comments about an affiliate program, then it is best to heed the warnings and not be too eager to sign up and promote it.

What are the player reviews saying about the brands? Read what the playersí experiences are at the casinos of interest. What are the players saying about the casino, the games, customer support, the banking process, the promotions, etc?

What methods of payment is the affiliate program offering? While most affiliate programs have a wide range of payment methods, some have limited payment methods, such as check or deposit into player account. Personally, I prefer e-wallet payments because I find them to be fast and convenient.

What is the minimum payout for affiliates? Some affiliate programs have a minimum payout of $50, while others have a minimum payout of $500. Large affiliates might not mind a $500 minimum payout, but smaller affiliates who might refer the odd $20 player every now and then might have a long wait before they see any money coming their way.

Who are the people behind the affiliate program? Does anyone know who they are? Has anyone worked with them before? There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there, and it is always in your best interest to know who is behind the affiliate program that you are interested in joining? Would you join an affiliate program if you learned that it is managed by the same group of people who managed a rogue affiliate program in the past?

How helpful are the affiliate managers, and how quickly do they respond to your questions? There are affiliate programs that have little to no customer support. You might find an email address on the site, but no one ever replies to your emails, until you post about the affiliate program on the message boards, and lo and behold, someone replies to your post.

Does the affiliate program pay? Are there a few too many payment issue posts on the message boards? If the affiliate program is regularly having payment issues, then it is best to avoid it. You might also want to monitor the monthly payment threads to see if the sponsor is mentioned by an affiliate as having paid and when the payment was made. If the sponsor is rarely mentioned in the payment threads, then it may be that not many affiliates are working with that sponsor, or the sponsorís brands simply donít convert.

There are other factors that one may take into consideration before deciding which casino affiliate programs to join, and which ones to avoid, but these are the primary factors.

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