Warning: Don't let anyone push your slot machine button

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by , 18 April 2017 at 8:12 pm (1183 Views)
A sad but true story of how a slot machine winner was denied a $100,000 jackpot because he asked his friend to push the button for good luck. Well she did, and a $100K jackpot was struck. When the man tried to collect the win, he was told that the rightful winner is the person who pushed the button. His friend collected the money and their friendship fell apart.
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  1. Roulette Zeitung's Avatar
    This is really funny.
    And if he had hit the button, the Jackpot probably would never fall in that moment, when e.g. other slots are connected which each other and also to this slot.
    However, more fortune is not possible.
    Puch the button without any money in the wallet once and take the money.