Lessons learned the hard way

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by , 4 June 2013 at 9:33 am (2445 Views)
[FONT=&quot]After spending what can only be described as a small fortune having a WordPress theme designed to make [URL=""][/URL] look fantastic for the launch last October, and with the expectation of this design seeing us through for several years to come, last Monday we updated our version of WordPress and the site dropped into the bowels of hell for a week. Not only does our theme not work with the most up to date version of WordPress, when we try rolling back to the old settings it doesn’t work there anymore either.

Getting this fixed has been worse than a headache; the site has been down for a week now and earning no money, a programmer has now been engaged for a week going through the templates and of course, even with a temporary fix in place, google has trashed our rankings due to the disappearing content, non-existent content and high bounce rate/low time on site.

The lesson to be learned here is it’s always possible for things to go horribly wrong and as such you always need to have an “emergency fund” to tide you over while you fix the wipe out.

On the upside, we’ve updated two fantastic new features to the site while things were going wrong.

Firstly we’ve updated the [URL=""]Casino Complaint[/URL] section to make it easier to use and more pleasing on the eye. Having helped return over $60k in funds to players in the last six months, Funds Returned will no doubt become a major stat for the site in the near future.

Alongside this we’ve started monitoring the terms and conditions of nearly all the venues we list and posting any changes on our message board. This is in response to a casino caught out changing their terms after a large player with to justify not paying.