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by , 19 June 2013 at 10:22 am (3418 Views)
[FONT=&quot]Just about every affiliate who has more than a couple of programs listed on their site presents them in some form of recommendation list. The list is designed to show their visitors which venues are the best to play with. The unfortunate reality – and one of my biggest problems with the industry – is that these lists are rarely ordered in any more meaningful a way than as a highest to lowest return on investment for the affiliate presenting them.

From a business perspective this makes total sense to me – of course you want to send the most traffic to the company that’s going to reward you most lucratively for it. And in one way or another most affiliates are smart enough to realise that the venue that offers them the highest rev share isn’t always the one they’ll make the most money with. But you still end up with rankings that are more finely tuned to the affiliate’s needs rather than that of the players who visit them.

In setting up [URL][/URL] I’ve tried very hard to do something different, that is attune the rankings to the player’s needs rather than my own. Of course I do take into consideration the reputation the venue has with affiliates as well – frankly, if a venue can’t be trusted to treat it’s business partners with respect, why should I expect it to treat its players fairly? – but the main drive in creating a rating system has been to ensure that the best venues for the players end up with the best positions on the site.

Running an arbitrary system does have some drawbacks though – and I’m not specifically thinking on a profitability level here. Some venues, despite being amongst my personal favourites, don’t rank as well as they should.

[URL=""]32 Red[/URL] casino are a good example of this – as they use a purely Microgaming platform and Microgaming are still reluctant to all the publication of their slots RTP figures, 32 Red lose out on one of the ranking criteria and drop 10% of their overall rating over something they don’t have much control over. For a venue that I feel to be one of the best options for players not to rank in the top 10 is a problem, but not one I can solve easily if everyone has to be held to the same rules.

A solution to that issue may be within site…..



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