ThePOGG Deposit Guarantee

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by , 3 July 2013 at 12:55 pm (2001 Views)
Coming from a playing background, one of the biggest issues I had with affiliate sites is the lack of accountability that affiliates take with regard to the casinos they promote. Large swaths of the affiliate industry will continue to promote venues that have really mistreated their players. And why not? The reality is that for the affiliate sites relying on search engine traffic rather than building a playing community thereís going to be very little fall out.

With, Iím looking to build a playing community though, so I canít afford not to take account of reputation that the venues I list have earned themselves. For me chasing SERPs rather than focusing on onsite services would make this a very boring job.

That being the case, I try my best to try and take account of how the various casinos I work with treat their players, but after a recent incident where Moore Games not only changed their rules after a substantial player win to justify not paying the player and then closed shop and disappeared with player funds, I couldnít help but feel there was more that I could do to protect the players who are coming to me for advice.

With that in mind, July sees the launch of ThePOGG Deposit Guarantee. At a selected few venues that I trust completely to treat players fairly, weíll be guaranteeing up to £500 deposits for players who sign-up through us against unethical seizures of funds. By guaranteeing player deposits I force the situation where I take responsibility of the treatment that players receive, ensuring Iím only ever going to recommend venues Iím extremely confident will treat players fairly. After all itís my money thatís on the line now.

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