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There Used To Be A Time.. (Message to All Affiliate Managers)

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by , 30 July 2017 at 1:32 pm (1471 Views)
[QUOTE=Top Online Casinos;859574]There used to be a time that it was fun and nice to be a gambling / casino affiliate you know.

Now, all we see is TOS this, TOS that, bring in more than 5 FTD's per month or else your account will die or we'll pay you less. Without any shame, affiliate programs bring affiliates from 40% commission to, 10%... All while the 'last version of the TOS' mentioned that it was 'lifetime' commission etc. etc.

To those affiliate managers: How dare you. Can't you come up with anything better? May I remind you that you may think working 5 days a week for about 8 to 9 hours is much, I can tell you that I know many, including myself, who would dream of such luxury. We work SEVEN days, more than 15 hours per day. And you simply cut commissions / players and the likes as if no tomorrow.

I think, we affiliates should have our own TOS binding for all casino affiliate programs:

If the casinos don't make 5 FTD's out of 100 sign ups, the affiliate should go to 50% commission, just as long as that the casino manages to actually convert.

[B]For example sake I use my own account with one of the affiliate programs:[/B]

Jan - July 2016
470 sign ups
55 FTD's

Jan - July 2017
680 sign ups
18 FTD's

Traffic on the other hand, has grown. More visitors each month, but well.. If I don't bring in enough FTD's I am the one getting punished... Something is wrong here. For sure.

On top of this: Casino affiliate programs have become lazy. Read it again. LAZY!! Most if not all of them. Logging in to a casino affiliate account to see that the latest news is.. from 2012?? How is that NOT lazy??

Since they're losing out a little, and don't understand why, they try to motivate by punishment. If you don't bring in enough players, we'll cut your commission etc. Nice trend, but no thank you.

Try motivation by reward and you'd be surprised to see just how many of us will work EVEN harder.

I am fed up by your arrogant, ignorant way of dealing with affiliates.

You are there where you are, BECAUSE of us.


PS: To add to this, the 1180 sign ups I've sent to the program are impossible for me to market to. On the other side of the box, the affiliate program now has 1180 new prospects to email their other brands to, obviously without the appropriate affiliate link embedded...

It's just not fair.

PPS: This all obviously does not count for the notorious casino hackers. They flourish their business with little to no effort, using their hacking robots, and are more than likely laughing their heads off, while enjoying yet another 'well deserved' tropical holiday.[/QUOTE]
Affiliate managers may visit this thread to see what others think.[/B]