How Can Betting Sites Stand Out from the Crowd?

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by , 23 March 2021 at 10:39 pm (143 Views)
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Betting and iGaming are part of one of the fastest-growing industries. Competition is fierce, and the field is already saturated with quality brands. Despite a growing customer pool, it can be difficult for businesses to be heard above the clamour. So, what can betting websites do to stand out from the crowd?

Unique Tools

One way of standing out in the crowded betting field is to offer bets in a way that nobody else does. Often, this is through a unique system or a distinctive way of engaging with betting. For example, the Beth betting tool uses artificial intelligence to provide predictions for horse races and other forms of sports betting. These predictions come from AI-analysed data which is evaluated faster than human comprehension and uses statistics and science to determine which outcomes are more or less likely.

Some sites allow for live bets. That means that bets can be placed for a specific sporting event while the game is in play. This can help change odds and allows the first half (for example) of the game to inform the bet. This isn’t offered by everyone, so could help the site stand out to those who are intrigued by the modern and high-tech way of betting. Many of these sites also allow players to watch the games through their platform, which could be considered something unique too.

Range of Bets

Another way to stand out as an online betting platform is to vary the range of betting events on offer. Most sites allow betting on popular sports like football, tennis, and basketball, but not all provide curling, for instance. So, in order to stand out, sites could find sports that have high viewership, but few existing betting options. More obscure sports tend to have niche audiences who may be more invested – such as Finnish baseball, arm wrestling, and bog snorkelling. While many of these sports are added to attract niche audiences, plenty of sites already allow betting on what could become the next major sporting fixture: eSports tournaments.

eSports are growing in popularity and becoming more mainstream. Part of this is down to the inclusion of tournaments across betting sites and even ESPN. This helps legitimize the gaming sport in the same way it does traditional activities. Not all sites allow for eSports betting. So those who do have a USP - unique selling proposition - to appeal to the growing market. It's likely that, eventually, most sites will provide eSports betting, but customers may then feel more inclined to stick with the sites that adopted early - whether out of loyalty or because those companies have more experience.

Every business should focus on its USP: anything that makes it different could attract customers to it over others providing a similar service. For betting sites, this could be based on how the bets themselves are placed or how customers can identify what bets to make. Or it could be an enhancement on what everyone else offers – such as a wider range of possible bets. Businesses should isolate their USP to better stand out.