Next-Gen Possibilities of Casino Gaming

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by , 19 February 2021 at 12:06 am (169 Views)
By 2026, the total per year revenue of online casinos is expected to reach upwards of Ä63 billion. The primary reasons for this growth, alongside established patterns of expansion, are recent developments in smartphone adoption and easier casino access. These are not the only contributors, however, with other advantages coming from the continual evolution and expansion of casino bonuses and competitive systems. Likely to see further expansion in the coming decade, the inclusion of more niche and high-tech solutions is seen by some spectators as a matter of time.

Modern Bonuses and Competitions

For most online casinos today, the most popular games such as slots are also those which see the greatest involvement with bonus systems. As an example of this, Wednesday free spins take deposits of different amounts and use these to unlock set quantities of free spins. This doesnít just help players by giving them more for less, it can also help casino websites by bringing attention to games through selecting specific titles on which bonuses can be played.

A more recent development, also applying to only slots, has come from the arrival of slot tournaments. Here, offers like Pragmatic Play Drops & Wins come with significant prize pools, backed by weekly tournaments and a wide number of included games. Working to produce long-term engagement over most of the year, these systems are only growing more popular.

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Future Developments in VR and AR

Alongside the continued success of existing systems, other major developments are likely to come from underutilised but still promising tech. The most obvious of these are virtual and augmented reality systems. Virtual reality, while having the most potential, is currently expensive, but this concern is continually addressed with each new generation.

Properly implemented, virtual reality devices in online casinos could bring single and multiplayer experiences to an entirely new level. With these, it could be possible to walk around a virtual casino filled with other virtual players. Thousands of slot machines could be chosen from by a walk down the lanes, where sitting and talking with other players could be a simple part of the equation.

These advantages would especially extent to directly competitive games. Slot tournaments could be a start, but card games like hold 'em could be the real standouts. Combining existing online tales with the extra layer of virtual reality could do amazing things for casinos and even evolve the international reputation of the included games.

Augmented reality, while not as expensive as its virtual counterpart, comes with concerns of its own. Technically already accessible from modern mobile phones, a more involving headset or glasses type setup would serve as a better fit for casino gaming. Using these systems, players could superimpose machines or tables into their own homes or play environments, maybe even taking existing live casino tech to new heights.

Though itís likely some time before weíll begin to see developments like AR and VR in the mainstream, itís important to note that the first steps have already been taken. VR capable slot games like Jack and the Beanstalk and Starburst have already shown online casinos have the knowledge to do so. Similarly, live casino games demonstrate that online casinos understand the important facets of mixed reality gaming.

As prices begin to drop into the next decade, donít be surprised when such ideas begin to see more rapid adoption. Until then, expect existing bonuses and newer systems like slot tournaments to continue to grow. The online casino industry only recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, and weíre just getting started.