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by , 5 November 2020 at 11:58 pm (1933 Views)
One of the best negotiation tips is to never settle for the first offer. This is true for all business deals, including online casinos. When a website shows you their welcome package, their hope is for you to claim it immediately.

But guess what? The first offer isnít the only deal around. One site could give you $50 if you can match the amount. But another operator might be willing to double your first deposit. Whatís more, there could be a host of other casinos with better deals.

In this article, weíll share tips of seven things to compare at online casinos. That way, youíll be assured of joining the best site, playing the best games and using the most convenient payment option. Sounds good? Letís begin.

[SIZE=4]Welcome Bonuses and Loyalty Programs[/SIZE]
A 100% first-deposit bonus seems to be the standard offer these days. Some companies provide up to $100, others up to $1000. All the same, compare the value for money to expect from each deal.

For example, whatís the maximum you can withdraw? How are the wagering requirements? With deposit-based bonuses, the target is a casino with no withdrawal limits. That way, you can cash out as much as you want.

When it comes to wagering requirements (WR), look for a site with the lowest number. Zero playthrough casinos are also a thing. But they are hard to come by. So, settle for 10x, 20x or anything less than the industry average of 35x your bonus.

Welcome bonuses donít last long. And as such, you also need loyalty rewards like a program through which you can accrue points for kickbacks. Or you might fancy a VIP program that awards you holiday tickets and huge cash prizes.

[SIZE=4]Games and Software Providers[/SIZE]
If youíre like many people, you have a preference for specific casino games. Maybe you like slots: Classic, video, jackpots, Megaways, or 3D games. Alternatively, you could play poker, blackjack, roulette, bingo or video poker.

Regardless, join a casino that provides a decent variety of high quality games. To expound more, look for titles from renowned developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution, Playtech and BTG. They own many of the best casino games.

Of course, itís not just about quality games. You want great games at a top-notch casino. In that case, [URL=""][U]gamble real money on one of the online casinos proposed by[/U][/URL]. Not only do these websites feature high-paying fair games, but they also provide quick payouts, security and reliable customer service.

[SIZE=4]A User-friendly Interface[/SIZE]
As a player, most of your time on online casinos is spent loading web pages, testing new games and participating in tournaments. Due to that, you want a site that loads fast, responds efficiently and works on mobile devices.

Fortunately, many slot sites have professionally designed websites. Itís uncommon to find a casino with a terribly designed interface, unless itís a fraud or hasnít been in operation for years.

The best operators have neat interfaces. Games are well-organized, payment features are easy to find and they work on both iOS and Android devices. That said, casinos arenít always equal and sites that look properly designed might not perform well.

As such, compare several casinos to check their interfaces before you create an account. Observe how fast each website loads and how easy itís to find different features. Whatís more, compare the experience of using several apps. Do they lag? Do some games crash?

[SIZE=4]Payment Options and Policies[/SIZE]
Casinos provide all sorts of banking methods. And thatís alright. But to have a pleasant experience, you want an option that provides the most convenience to you. Letís you appreciate quick payments with low fees.

In that case, bank transfer might not be your best option for deposits. Instead, you could check for e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill or debit cards like Visa and MasterCard. [URL=",their%20bitcoin%20accounts%20or%20wallets."][U]If you like crypto[/U][/URL], then you could also choose Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Payment methods aside, thereís also the issue of policies. Whatís the minimum you can deposit? Whatís the maximum you can withdraw and how long does it take? These are some of the things to compare at casinos before you choose the best options.

[SIZE=4]Online Reputation[/SIZE]
Reputation is pretty important for casinos. You give them money and your data and so you expect accountability in return. Also, you want a wonderful gaming experience because itís how you increase your chances of winning.

There are several ways to gauge a websiteís reputation. The best method is to read online reviews. Join [URL=""][U]a casino forum[/U][/URL] and search the site you want to join. Then look for comments about the company.

Alternatively, read a comprehensive review of the company. Youíll discover a great deal of information, including whether it has had scandals in the past. Thereís a third option but itís time-consuming: Join the site and test its services.

[SIZE=4]Contacts and Customer Service[/SIZE]
Are contact channels really important when looking for a casino? Yes, they are. Think about it. How would you want to contact a site after you experience technical or payment issues? If youíre like many people these days, you might prefer a chat bot.

You want to send a message and get feedback instantly. Or make a call and have someone pick it up. Email support is also acceptable. But itís not as fast as a chat bot or phone call. That said, the quality of feedback also matters, which is why you should reviews.

[SIZE=4]Unique Features[/SIZE]
Some of the best casinos in the world do really deserve their top rankings. Picture this: a Casino that awards you cash backs for every loss you make or a site with zero wagering requirements for all their incentives.

These are features we all wish every casino could provide. But only a limited number of operators do it. So when you find a casino with truly exceptional services, donít think twice about creating an account.

While at it, read the reviews of these unique incentives. Ensure, it doesnít just sound good on the surface. It should be worth your time and efforts.