What Are the Biggest Cricket Upsets of All Time?

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by , 13 April 2021 at 11:51 pm (83 Views)
Every once in a while, in cricket competitions, the underdog proves against all odds that they are the better team. Teams like Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and Kenya always start with the odds against them when playing the big dogs like England and Australia. The World Cup is the most prestigious of cricket trophies, and some of the biggest upsets are on this stage as teams give it their all.Cricket betting fans are usually excited by these big events as the unexpected can happen. Here are some of the biggest upsets witnessed in cricket.

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Zimbabwe Vs Australia ( 1983 )
Zimbabwe made their ODI debut in a stunning fashion during the 1983 World Cup. The debutants were led by the inspiring Duncan Fletcher. Their captain put up one of the finest displays of individual excellence. The rest of the team came along with good all-round performances. The Australians could scarcely believe they were losing to lightweights, but it happened.

Kenya vs West Indies ( 1996 )

The 1996 World Cup was Kenya’s first notable performance in ODI cricket. The East Africans came to the match as the underdogs, with only one professional in their ranks. The West Indies team was led by the venerable Brian Lara and were clearly favorites. The Kenyans were bowled out for 166, but launched one of the finest comebacks in ODI history. They thumped the West Indians for 93 in spectacular fashion.

India vs West Indies ( 1983 )

The West Indies were the giants of cricket in the 1970s, taking the 1975 and 1979 World Cups. India had come to the World Cup hopeful after progressing gradually to reach the Cup finals. Still, it was widely expected that they would be steamrolled by the Caribbean. The only consolation was that they had beaten West Indies in the group stages. The Indians put on a memorable display of bowling, battling some of the finest batsmen in the world. They defended 183 and lifted the World Cup.

Ireland vs Pakistan ( 2007 )

The Irish came to the 2007 World Cup as an associate nation, intent on showing they were ready to join international cricket. Their bowlers proved to be more than adequate, blowing away the Pakistanis for 132. The revised target was 128, but they beat the Pakistanis by three wickets in one of the biggest upsets for Pakistan.

Kenya vs Sri Lanka ( 2003 )

Kenya’s best display in international cricket came in the 2003 World Cup. The East Africans were to progress to the semi-finals. The match against Sri Lanka in front of the home crowd was ecstatic. The Kenyans were competitive, fighting hard for each wicket against a strong Sri Lankan team. The Kenyan home crowd could hardly sit as they egged on their team to victory.

Scotland vs England ( 2018 )

The Scotsmen came to their first ODI against the number
one ranked ODI team. The scots were an associate nation on proving grounds. The odds were stacked solidly against Scotland. But the scots had the inspiring Callum MacLeod. The captain scored a century and rallied the team to a final score of 371 to beat the English squarely.

Bangladesh vs Australia ( 2005 )

Bangladesh came to the 2005 NatWest Tri-series as the team with the worst record in ODIs, having only won nine matches out of 107. They had won only one test match in 35 and had lost 20 of the matches by an inning. Bangladesh only had one ODI century in their record. They were up against one of the best teams in the cricketing world. But in a twist of fate the Bangladeshis beat the Aussies by among others a memorable run-a-ball century by Mohammad Ashraful.

Cricket fans always look forward to the unexpected in the big events. For the bookies and sports betting fans, this is one sport that will always present opportunities and surprises.