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    Default Bodog "empire continues to crumble" according to Vancouver Sun

    The Vancouver Sun is reporting the Bodog's marketing arm laid off 200 people recently, and that the "empire continues to crumble" since the company had $24 million seized by US authorities (a contention that Bodog denies).

    The Bodog online gambling empire continues to crumble. On Thursday, I received an e-mail from a reader who said Fiver Media (formerly Riptown Media), which provides marketing and website support for Bodog from offices in Vancouver and Toronto, had just laid off more than 200 people., a Florida-based website that focuses on the online gambling industry, similarly reported that Bodog, "under intense scrutiny by the U.S. Government, has laid off hundreds of its employees this week, leading to speculation that the online gambling firm will be leaving the U.S. market."

    If Bodog abandons the United States, it may as well fold its tent. It isn't licensed to do business in Europe, and it doesn't do business in Canada -- most likely because the last online gambling firm to operate in Canada, Vancouver's Starnet International Communications Inc., was shut down by the RCMP.

    That leaves only the United States market, which is evaporating quickly. U.S. authorities have been exerting heavy pressure on all online gambling firms that take bets from U.S. citizens, including Bodog.
    Full story here ... second brief down.

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    if i am not mistaken i've seen bodog as one of the applicants to receive UK license for gambling. if they receive it- everything is fine.

    by the way, how hard is it actually to get a license from offshore places like gibraltar, antigua and barbuda, isle of man?

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    Been reading a lot of bad news on Bodog lately. APCW has been doing some news about how slow they've become on payouts on them as well...been just enough put out there for me to stop promoting them to new players. I just can't do it any longer with a good conscious.

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