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    Good luck in your new career choice! Iím sure you will be great. I will miss working with you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Renee View Post
    Right, so now since there is no guard does that mean we can run rampant?
    Because your so tame and quiet usually Renee??

    It was a little bit of shock when he told me at AAC, but what an adventure! I'm sure he'll be back for holidays and 'spring breaks' to the industry - we party better than any college party!

    Good Luck Steven!
    Marit von Stedingk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marit VS View Post
    Because your so tame and quiet usually Renee??
    Yes, of course!
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    I had plans to say something grand, reflecting on the past eight years and what you have all meant to me, but found myself unable to quiet capture it. Bittersweet doesn't do the feeling justice.

    I am happy for my new adventure, in some expected ways and already some unexpected ways. I am part of an early start program, taking one course (Torts) squeezed into an intensive time period. There are 40 others participating in the early start, then we'll be joined by our other classmates at the end of August. The professor and material are engaging, and our small group of classmates has begun to bond well so far.

    But as I begin this new phase, I refuse to say goodbye. There is too much to cherish and take with me from our time together. It cannot feel like a farewell when the way you have shaped me, how you have come together, how you have uplifted yourselves and those around you, so profoundly shapes who I am today. Whether you realize it while going about your day to day routines, there are things deeply inspiring about you - about this industry and this community.

    Many of you built a part-time hobby into full-time businesses, shaping your own livelihoods and in many cases bearing responsibility for the livelihoods of others. When you weren't sure of something, you asked the questions and took the steps to learn and grow. When times got tough, you let that press you together rather than break you apart. When stresses overcame you or overcame others in discussions, you helped steer things back to productive goals. You - collectively - are the best at what you do, you are hard working, dedicated, bright, passionate about the well being of the industry and the people in and around it, and - perhaps without realizing it - you are leaders. We came together here to find trustworthy partners and colleagues, and in doing so we became part of something larger than any of us could be on our own.

    Don't ever let these treasures of the community escape you. For my part, I will try to hold them with me. I will likely peek back here from time to time, and I am sure Michael will keep me updated on all the goings on. For those who would like to keep in touch, I have included some says to do that in the signature block below.
    I have left the industry and earned a law degree at Indiana University Bloomington, Maurer School of Law. Here are ways to stay in touch with me:
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    Inquiries intended for an administrator or staff member can be directed to Anthony Telesca through the forum (username Anthony) or to the general contact address manager AT gpwa DOT org.

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    Congrats Steven! Having been down this road with my oldest son, let me tell you what I told him several years ago! Maybe you will listen better than he initally did! lol

    Don't try to hold a job the first two years. Not even part time. My son graduated from Pitt, and got accepted to Duquesne Law School. He insisted on having a job against my better judgement, and got the dreaded letter from the Dean at the end of his year.

    Pissin away the money was pretty bad, but when you get tossed you cannot even APPLY to another Law School for two years!!! He got it right the second time around, although it took him two shots to pass the Pennsylvania Bar! LOL

    Most people agree that the first two years are the hardest, then it gets a little easier, so you really have to give it 100% that first year or two! Good luck Buddy! I know you'll do fine!

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    Good luck in your new journey!

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    All the best of luck to Steven. He has been the very first person of the Industry I met, when I joined my very first gambling affiliate event. It happened in a bar in Amsterdam, affiliates drinks event in a bar behind Dam Square right in the middle of the Queen's birthday city party. What a mess it was the Dutch capital that days! It was the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference 2009 or '10, I forgot

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    Good luck with this mate!

    And I think it has to be asked.... will you be specialising in online gambling law? - Formally known as goodbonusguide.

    Gambling Domains: Small clear out of some of the domains we've been hoarding on Dan - see the list here. Prices negotiable, and willing to swap for decent links.

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    Good Luck Steven, will be missed for sure but definitely a step in the right direction!

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