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    Default Is bulk Socail marketing Puts your website at risk?

    I have been promoting my gambling websites via social networking from last 3 months. Still i am not able to see any big difference in traffic. Now, i am doing it even at large scale.. Before proceeding with that i just want to know that bulk amount of SMO can backfire or not..
    will be thankful for your help.

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    I am sure it can, even though I have not heard of any such specific cases. But if anything is in super bulk, it can be dangerous I think. So while I don't have any personal experience with this, I would be careful. Social media takes time if you want to do it right, there is really no way around that, I'm afraid...
    Specializing in the Norwegian market with sites such as and but interested in other markets as well. Would love to get in touch with other Scandinavian webmasters!

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