Im working on this bussines from a long time and now is time to change something in my life.

If I get good offer for all my sites (+ possible affiliate program at bet365) Im ready to sell it.

Im owner of:

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netpokerinfo.com/ (pr2) IP:
gentlemanspoker.com/ (pr2) IP:
toptexasholdemguide.org/ (pr2) IP:
bestpokerbonus.eu/ (pr1) IP:
playingonlinepoker24h.net/ (pr1) IP:
onlinepokertips.eu/ (pr0) IP:
beingpokershark.com/ (pr1) IP:
beingpokerpro.com/ (pr1) IP:
toppokerteam.com/ (pr0) IP:
pokergentlemansgame.com/ (pr1) IP:
holdemgames.eu/ (pr1) IP:
gentlemansgame.eu/ (pr0) IP:
gentlemanspokerteam.com/ (pr0) IP:
pokergentlemans.com/ (pr0) IP:

Casino sites (english):
livecasino24h.org/ (pr1) IP:
casinowinners188.com/ (pr1) IP:
roulettewinners.org/ (pr0) IP:
worldbingo24h.com/ (pr0) IP:
casinogames24h.com/ (pr1) IP:
onlinecasinotips.eu/ (pr1) IP:
casinoslots365.com/ (pr0) IP:
casinowinners365.com/ (pr0) IP:
casinowinners247.com/ (pr1) IP:
roulette-winners.com/ (pr1) IP:
casinoonmobile.info/ (pr0) IP:

Sportbetting sites (english):
bestbonus.org/ (pr1) IP:
betting-winners.com/ (pr2) IP:
betting365.info/ (pr1) IP:
fred365betting.com/ (pr1) IP:
sportbookiescenter.com/ (pr1) IP:
livebetting247.org/ (pr1) IP:
bettingbonuses.eu/ (pr1) IP:
freelivebetting.net/ (pr0) IP:
sportsbookreviews247.com/ (pr0) IP:
mobilebetting247.com/ (pr0) IP:

Polish Language:
pl.bestbonus.org/ (pr1) IP:
netpokerinfo.com/pl/ (pr2) IP:
poker-line.pl/ (pr1) IP:
herosipokera.pl/ (pr2) IP:

Deutsche Language:
texasholdempokerschule.com/ (pr2) IP:
gentlemanspoker.eu (pr1) IP:
pokergeschichte.com/ (pr0) IP:
pokervarianten.org/ (pr0) IP:
casinogeschichte.eu/ (pr0) IP:
bestensportwetten.info/ (pr1) IP:
de.bestbonus.org/ (pr1) IP:

If some one intrested contact me on private massage, mail, skype (advgamble@gmail.com)

About my affiliate program at bet365 - if someone intrested I could send a exel file with stats.