California State Assemblyman Mike Gatto has introduced a bill to regulate online poker in his state. That's normally something we would applaud, but Gatto's bill is rife with ridiculous ideas, most notably a requirement that players register and make their initial deposit in person at brick and mortar establishments.

Want to read more about Gatto's silly idea? Look for him on the Wall of Shame in the next issue of the GPWA Times Magazine. But we'll let him defend himself here, with a quote from his op-ed in U-T San Diego.

Just like opening a bank account, the only way to open an online-poker account in California would be to present yourself in person at a “branch” and be “validated” by showing two forms of identification. Under this proposal, qualified existing gaming establishments, even those which don’t operate a poker website, could serve as initial validators, as long as they meet stringent security criteria. Initial deposits would occur in person, although subsequent ones could be made online. A similar rule would apply for cash-outs above a certain amount or frequency.
Here's the full editorial: