We wanted to get in touch with you today about a fantastic opportunity for you to support System Lays as an affiliate.

This is the first time ever we have promoted our services via Affiliates and early indications have been amazing.

We have run a couple of trial promotions with carefully selected partners and the results have been as follows:

Over 26% conversion rate on the sales page
Renewal Rate off 87.5%
Only a 2.03% refund rate

We are paying a handsome commission of 55% on all sales with a renewal price of 67.00

Phantom Lays

Our premium lay bet service focused on low liability (risk), yet highly profitable selections.

A strike rate of over over 66% and with average Betfair SP odds on only 2.8 (15/

March - 58.89 Points Profit
April - 0.71 Points loss
May - 7.32 Points Profit
June - 42.49 Points Profit
July - 38.63 Points Profit
August - 19.72 Points Profit

That is an exceptional 166.34 points in a little under 6 months - At 10 a lay that is over 1.6k profit!

Sales page converting at over 26% with an 87.5% renewal rate.

Recent Testimonials:

Stephen Wright - I am enjoying your service I was just about to pack in my lay betting completely, having lost a great deal over time (often because of poor discipline)when I came across your service.

John Jackson - Congratulations on what seems to be a great service.

Stephen Grey - yes I'm now in a good profit from Phantom lays! Keep up the good work...

Chris Harris-James - Thanx for tips.last week top notch.

Richard Carey - I recently signed up to phantom lays and have been impressed with the results thus far.

Super Tips

Greenfield opportunity - Be the first to promote Super tips

35/1 Winner in August with Prince of Passion
11/1 Winner in July on Darling Grace
12.5/1 Winner in July on Stirring Ballard
21/1 Winner in July on Two Turtle Doves
Plus many many more

May - 283.45 Points Profit (61.51 to Level Stakes)
June - 97.38 Points Profit (29.5 to Level Stakes)
July - 13.02 Points Profit (-5 to Level Stakes)
August - 83.48 Points Profit (10.51 to Level Stakes)

That is a whopping 477.33 points profit since May - If you had stuck just 10 pound per point on these selections you would be sitting on 4,773.30 pounds profit!

Even if you had just followed each selection to a 10 pound level stake - You would know have a very tidy 965.50 pounds sitting in your bank for your troubles.

Richard Carey - Great day for super tips today but I only had the horse at 15/1 and 6/1, what can I do to make sure I get the best odds?

You can sign up as an affiliate for both products here


We look forward to welcoming you on board as a valued partner soon. Please do let me know if you have any questions on the best way to promote our services.




A couple of other Joint Venture opportunities you might be interested in:

Betting MasterMind Group

We are about to launch a unique Betting MasterMind group and you can get free access. PM or Email me at admin@systemlays.co.uk for more details

Ad Swap

We have an email database of over 7k members, we have been running email Ad Swaps with carefully selected partners recently with great success. Often adding 2-300 members each time, even getting over 1,000 sign ups on occasion.

We have a great free offer, which your list is sure to love.

PM or Email me at admin@systemlays.co.uk for more details