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    Default Canada Embracing Online gambling?

    When I first stumbled upon this article many thoughts entered my head. The article from the Winnipeg Sun titled “Online gambling eyed Manitoba weighs taking the plunge.” Manitoba in case no one is familiar is a province of Canada and Winnipeg its’ capital. The total population roughly 1.2 million residents living in a land mass that would stretch from North Dakota into the Gulf of Mexico, roughly. Very sparsely populated IMO.

    Anyway back to my first initial thoughts was the Online Gambling conditions south of our border, the U.S. If the terrorists had one, amongst many very important victories it would be the Patriot Act. As former president Bush stated over and over again the terrorists will never take away our way of life. Well I hate to say it but they did it is called First Amendment Rights. Why the American Government continues IMO to not uphold the constitutional rights of every American leaves me weak in the head.

    Now from a local newspaper from the under populated province of Manitoba,

    The Manitoba government is considering getting into the online gaming business.

    The province has no authority to regulate the private gaming sites that operate mostly from offshore locations.

    John Borody, CEO of the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, said he is undecided on the idea because although he has opposed it in the past, he recognizes that online gaming is already prevalent and the addicts are already there.

    Government-sponsored gaming sites already exist in other provinces. B.C. Lotteries has operated for about five years, and now offers everything from online bingo to hangman-for-money.

    Felt like sharing this with you all because in a sense it reflects the no big deal attitude most Canadians share. You see we do not have a Patriot Act, not knocking the U.S but really governments should never put a gag order over the entire country.

    I been seeing a lot of U.S citizens finally beginning to speak out against the patriot Act. Give our freedom back I say....


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    Thanks for posting this.

    As far as the Patriot Act...

    Once a freedom is taken away, it is quite difficult to get it back.
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