Canada has some of the toughest anti-smoking laws next to Australia and perhaps a handful of others. Canadian tobacco manufactures were ordered to pay more than $15 billion in damages to smokers in the province of Quebec alone, quarter of the Canadian population.

Being a non-smoker, however worked in the industry my entire career, I find it difficult to understand smokers claim they were not sufficiently warned of the possible effect of smoking while governments continue to legislate them to post health warnings on packaging, in most countries, and legislate various marketing practices. Governments continue to reap then generous tax benefits of billions of dollars yet are afraid to simply just ban the product. How can something so dangerous and lethal still be legal that companies and governments can continue to benefit. It goes both ways . The finance ministers and health ministers are at opposing sites of the argument, one wants the tax dollars and the other wants tobacco legislation. Remember when the surgeon general promoted smoking?

The point is ... at what point do individuals take responsibility for their decisions and more so when do governments? The same is true for so many other industries that face strict regulations now and possibly in the future such as alcohol, soft drinks, snack foods .....?

Not to say industries are blameless but ....