We have received an important announcement from Warren about the upcoming CAP Euro conference. Please make sure you have pre-registered if you are attending!

The registration form is available at http://www.capeuro.com/registration. Make sure to select "GPWA Affiliate" under the "Attendee Type" dropdown and include your GPWA username in order to get free admission.

CAP Euro is free for all CAP and GPWA affiliate members who have pre regsitered at www.capeuro.com

If you have NOT regsitered yet it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you register NOW.

If you have not registered and just show up at the event seeking admission you will be charged

We have over 500 people currently regsitered and it will be extremely hectic at the doors as we issue passes and CAP Euro vistor kits. We simply will not have time to verify you at the door so if you wish to attend for free you MUST register via the site no later then Friday.

Again let me re state this for clarity IF you just show up at CAP Euro and have not pre registered you will be charged for admission.

Admission cost for non registrants, vendors and non sponsoring programs:

Go to www.capeuro.com

Thanks for your cooperation and support of the event, it's going to be spectacular!