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    Default CAP poker tournament raided in Barcelona

    The Affiliates Series of Poker Tournament taking place in Barcelona has apparently been raided by police.

    Gambling 911 report here ...

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    Here is a link to the translated version of the original article from Spain.

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    I was there, heard about it but did not see a thing!

    How did I miss it...maybe the vodka?

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    Just posted over at CAP

    So many rumours have been flying so I thought I'd post this thread -

    Few things first though:

    I was not put in prison, I did not get taken down the police station and we aren't being fined 600,000 Euro - I am sure there are more stories and I am sure they are also false.

    So what happened? First of all I don't put these tournaments on without permission which is exactly why we have a specific registration system and a number of checks that affiliates have to go through to gain the password - This is on top of a number of other components to ensure we run an event that is that is legal.

    For Barcelona - There are two parts to the process - First we have a letter from the Catalan authorities from last years event saying we don't need to ask for permission from them as they consider poker a skill game and that the case is closed - and second we then obviously checked Spanish law which also says its fine based on the fact that we don't take any money from players, don't open it to the public, etc etc -

    The problem is that the Catalan law has been very recently updated and as we are in that region it over rode the Spanish law - We even at the time had the EuroPartners Spanish lawyer (Thanks EuroPartners ) telling them they were wrong but this new bit in the law is very new and is not clear as I understand it. The new law basically outlaws the play of a number of games outside of a casino - these included texas holdem, roulette and blackjack (so even fun casinos or home games!!!)- Another exhibitor also had his blackjack table taken and are also being prosecuted which is riduculous as it was just a fun game on their stand!!

    The whole situation is just super annoying - Its not the fact that we are now being fined but that the ASOP is a massive part of our event and I know affiliates really look forward to it so I am really sorry it didn't happen this time at the event - BUT I will make this up to all that qualified and will be moving the tournament online with even more money added into the prize fund and am looking at making the London event double the size so all that qualified automatically qualify through to that one.

    SO once again - I am sooo sorry and hope you understand we would never intentionally organise an illegal tournament that could possibly get you or I in trouble - Lets move on from this and see the positive side, more money in the prize fund, auto qualifying into London and lots of new back links to
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    Quote Originally Posted by MartynBeacon View Post
    I was there, heard about it but did not see a thing!

    How did I miss it...maybe the vodka?
    I didn't hear about it until i got back last night.
    Strange that you can be in the same place as something so huge and not even notice.
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    Wow, a friend of mine once had a run in with the Spanish authorities and I must admit that sometimes they can appear to be rather rigid, especially to us Brits!

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