Hi all,

We have some fantasic promotions coming up over the holiday period. They don't officially launch until the 1st of Decmeber but I thought I would come on and give you all a sneak peak prior to launch.

Massive New Player Promotion

At CarbonPoker Santa only comes once a year and with Xmas just around the corner that means our best ever Initial Deposit Bonus is up for grabs.

The best part is your players could even win a $12,500 live seat to the poker event of their choice in December's exclusive Initial Depositor Freeroll!

To take advantage of this amazing offer simply tell your players to make an Initial Deposit of $100 or more during the month of December and enter the bonus code FIRSTSANTA to receive:

- A 200% Initial Deposit Bonus Up To $500 (max dep $250)
- 14 Days Entry to the $500 Daily Depositor Freeroll
- PLUS Free entry to the "Choose Your Own $12,500 Live Seat

This is a one-stop chance for any initial deposting player to win a single tournament and hit it big. Quite simply, any deposit of over $100 could result in a win of millions after playing in just one tournament! Win the freeroll at CarbonPoker, and we will send players to a live event of their choice.

Xmas Scavenger Hunt Goodies!!

Have your players ever wanted to record their greatest online poker achievements, and make them count towards an ultimate prize? This Xmas they can, and ensure every great milestone with CarbonPoker becomes one to remember. From the 1st of December, every player can log in to their Player Admin page, and check out the "12 Days of Xmas Scavenger Hunt" items to collect!

The Twelve Days of Xmas have never been more rewarding. In order to fill their Xmas stocking with prizes, players can simply complete one of the tasks on the "12 Days of Xmas Scavenger Hunt" list and they're a winner. Every time they complete one of Santa's tasks it will automatically be crossed off their Scavenger List and at the end of the month they could have 12 amazing prizes. Its never been easier to empty Santa's Sack!

If players manage to obtain the first three items on the checklist, then also pick up the ninth item, they will only be able to claim the prizes for the first three items, as they must be won on a consecutive basis. Any prizes won can be exchanged for cash and will be deposited in the player wallet.

For Example:

To win gift 10 (the laptop) and all the prizes below it, a player must complete every task up to and including task 10. If task 9 was not completed, then the highest consecutive level completed would be task 8. Therefore, this player would receive all prizes up to and including prize 8 ($275 Grand Final Entry).

Secret Santa SnG's

Waiting those few minutes to fill up a Sit'n'Go table can be tense for any player. Preparing strategy, revising past hands, or even simply sitting and relaxing, waiting for the action. When the table hits capacity, the board lights up and the battle begins. What would happen if players hit the table and found a nice little Xmas bonus waiting for them?

During December players may stumble across one of our Secret Santa SnG's and the chance to win DOUBLE the prize pool! They won't know if it's a Secret Santa Sit'n'Go until the tournament is full and the buy-ins have been finalised, but those lucky enough to come across one of these special Xmas tables will have twice the incentive to play, and twice the amount to win!

The fun doesn't end with the prize money, as every Secret Santa Sit'n'Go will have a unique theme which springs to life as the tournament begins. Players will enjoy Xmas Smilies, a festive deck and even custom Xmas paint designs on certain cards! CarbonPoker is in the spirit of giving this holiday season, and the Secret Santa Sit'n'Goes are the best way to make sure Xmas comes early!

DOUBLE prize money will be paid out in freeroll coupons. The Secret Santa Sit'n'Goes can turn up at any table or any level of stakes, so try them all out to play for a special Xmas bonus!

We will be sending around the December newsletter very soon that has all this info plus banner codes for each promotion as well to get you going.