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    Default Be careful with Black Chip/WPN Affiliates

    Hello all together,

    we know it will nothing change but i want to take a bit time. We are one of the biggest poker affiliates in Europe and we really know how the buisness works. We worked with many companies together and some of them was working really so bad. But whats going on at BCM/WPN after they changed their affiliate team few months ago is a disaster.

    About the support let me just say it is not the best. Emails no answer at all(We wrote 5 emails in 3 weeks).Skype Support was ok but not really helpful. The biggest joke is that we have to pay 7% fees for our own affiliate commision because we have to cash out to a player account. And from the player account we can then cash out to Neteller,Skrill or whatever. So why the hell they can not transfer directly to your Skrill/Neteller or bank account like all other affiliates at this planet?? But ok let it be so... But then explain someone why we should pay 7% Fees for our own commision? If we earn 5k we pay 350$ Fees. Thats a ******* joke! My boss know about this thread so i can write all with very direct and clear words.

    We offered them to bring a lot of traffic but not if we have to pay 7% Fees for our own commision. The answer was it is just not possible that it will be forwarded to the management and that someone wanted to contact us in the nearest future. Of course nobody ever contacted us which showed us that there is no interest to get a lot of traffic. we asked 2-3 times when someone will contact us and then we start to get bored and stoped to send any traffic.

    Another topic is that they deduct us 7% Fees for every deposit and cashout which a player do? ******* 7%??? They make even with this extras money because Skrill and Neteller do not take such fees from them.

    We could live with it that they pay not in time, because more as 50% of all companies pay not in time. But the minimum is to give afiliates a small information if there is a delay like other companies do it. But at BCP/Winning Affiliates it is impossible.

    To make s small overview:

    -Support a disaster(No answer for emails)
    -7% Fees for affiliates for every deposit and cashout from a player
    -7% No Neteller,Skrill or Bank Wire Cashout Options for Affiliate. Instead of this to the player account and pay 7% fees for the own affiliate commision
    -No Affiliate Payouts in time and no information
    - The dont know how to behave with a good affiliate.

    So be careful if you start to work with them.



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    This is how I feel about ChipSplit and the whole Carbon Poker brand. The support is pretty lackluster for affiliates and over at 2+2 it's not any better for players either.

    Even before they scrapped the affiliate program last month to further screw hard working people like you and I the fees they were charging me was/IS pretty awful. I'm still paying over $1k minimum in deposit/withdrawal fees every month on my affiliate's beyond absurd. In conclusion - I feel your pain sir.

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