I am very new to the casino niche, but I think I will look into this a lot more in the future. For sports betting, I pretty much know what to expect from an affiliate program and from customers. But I have some questions related to casino affiliate programs/customer behaviour.

Keep in mind that traffic is from US and coming from search engines.

1. What is the average conversion rate for signups vs deposits? How many signups actually deposit?
2. What is the retention rate over 1-2-3 years? For sports betting, I have retention over 10 years, but I guess casinos do not offer any real opportunity to win money (as opposed to betting), so retention must be lower?
If you stopped promoting a brand, for whatever reason, how long did you receive payments from the customers you sent?
3. Shaving is part of the business (it shouldn't be, but it's beyond our control), so I should stay away from any particular aff programs?