My I had my first aff. payment they said ''open an account.we pay only to players account''

Now they say ''Turkish people cant play in out casino''

Yes I dont play in casinos which dont accept players from Turkey.But they said me to open an account.So I did it for having my aff. payments.

He say ''We say you can open an account.We didnt say you can play''

How can I know it.They accept me to open account and of course I played.

This month I had 399$ aff. payments.I see there is a 1000$ minimum limit for bank wire. I wanted my aff. payments to my bank account and I played.I cashouted 1000$.

and this is the chat.

Henry> This is Henry. How can I be of assistance? Please make use of the rating system in the top right corner of this window. Thank You!

ekremyik> Hi.I cashouted my affiliate payments to my bank account.

ekremyik> How many days it will take it to receive Turkey,my bank account?

Henry> one moment please...

ekremyik> ok

Henry> Are you from Turkey or from Cyprus?

ekremyik> turkey

Henry> OK, 2 things.
Henry> 1.) We donot allow people from Turkey to play.
Henry> 2.) We cannot send money to Turkish bank accounts. Only to

Moneybookers (Same as the e-mail you registered) and NETeller.

ekremyik> I am not from Turkey.My bank account is in Turkey.

ekremyik> My moneybookers account has hacked.I closed it.

ekremyik> I will cashout it to my neteller account,then.

Henry> The IP address you are playing from is in Turkey.

ekremyik> Now,yes.I am in Turkey for school.

Henry> We are only doing what states on our website. You may be an affiliate, but being in Turkey, you may not play. This is clerly stated on our website that players from or in Turkey may not play.

ekremyik> I didnt know.You said 'we pay aff. payments to casino account'' and I opened an account.

Henry> And we can pay your affiliate earnings ONLY.

ekremyik> : )

ekremyik> Ok.Then do that.

Henry> OK, please request a NETeller withdrawal for only your affiliate earnings and we must remove the other funds.

ekremyik> I am moving your banners and write about this in CPA nad GPWA.

ekremyik> Ok.I will do.Thanks.

(we continue to chat,but I wasnt able to copy it)