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    Default Casino/Gaming software providers…

    What software providers are out there? Which do you like best and why?

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    Welcome JoeCamel

    It's a case of games. If you're pushing slots then it's Microgaming and then RTG who lead the way. They have great games that really do have a good Vegas type feel.

    If it's general casino experience then Playtech are pretty good. They have neat software. It's pretty quick. The games are unusual and I think the players enjoy them. Blackjack Switch is an example.

    Overall, I do most of my pushing the way of Microgaming and specifically Brightshare. Why? They treat me and my players like Very Important People. I may not be important but they make me feel that way.

    I also do well with RealTime Gaming. The player forums did tests and found that the RealTime Gaming Random Number Generator was extremely fair. I particularly like Wager Junction. The affiliate manager is on the ball.

    Playtech is generally my hoodoo. I do pretty well with the Casino Blasters guys and with the Playtech Bingo brand but my casino sites are too slots focussed to really give them a chance.
    Have a wonderful day

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    I personally prefer Microgaming.

    They have more choices of games and thus more opportunity for more players to find a game or games they like.

    The slots that I like to play the most are those that have bonus rounds and free spins, and MGS has more of them as well.

    Although I have usually found a few games contained within the opther providers that will at least do for short time spans of play, overall I will always go back to a Micro.

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