Sorry to bother you but Id though you might be interested in buying a casino portal site, as I know some of you might run a similar site, I have enclose the details below.

URL of site:

Type of site: Casino portal/ gambling

Maturity of site: The site has been running for approximately 1.5 years as a casino portal.

Monthly page views and/or unique visitor: Approx 1500-2000, a loyal retuning base of visitors and high conversion rate of online gamblers

Expenditure: The site cost near to nothing to host approximately $10 a month

How the site makes money: Through several casino affiliate programs. The web site it self makes approximately $300 min to $1000 a month through these program and has being doing so for the last year and a half.

Whats for sale: The whole site, domain, logos all affiliate details will be transfer to the buyer. The buyer will start making money in the first month.

Marketing: The web site appears in position 2 in most search engine under the tern no deposit casinos.

I have including screen shots of revenue earned, search engine positions and web stats. This can be found at

I am open to reasonable offers please e-mail at for offers and questions, thanks for your time.

Thank you for you time.

Sorry for any inconvience or intrusion.