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    Default Casino Related Facebook Likes - How to get 1000's?

    I have a casino related website that I do pretty well with. However I've always found it extremely difficult to to acquire Facebook likes on any of my slot reviews or casino reviews. I've put it down to people not wanting to associate themselves with online casinos via their Facebook profiles.

    Personally, I have two Facebook profiles. One is for my personal life and is not associated at all with online gambling and I could never see myself using it to FB like any gambling related article. Is that just me being two faced or are there others out there like me too?

    Is playing at an online casino a dirty little secret that few want the rest of the world to know about?

    I've often wondered how some casino sites get FB likes in the thousands? Are they purchased via some internet sweat-shop in some third world country?

    Your views will be appreciated.

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    I using two accounts too. But in other way. Its is pretty rarely that i share "uncommon" content.
    But i have an FB account for personal stuff to sending pictures from the kids to the grand parents and a kind of business account for business partners, affiliate managers and other.

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    Unless the "well liked" facebook page has a lot of comments, post likes, etc and shows genuine signs of activity and interaction, then I would suspect that the likes have been purchased.

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    Yeh, I tend to see it this way: Google isn't stupid, they know casino/gambling is generally gona have a tough time getting likes. Everyone's in the same boat. Is being one of a few sites with lots of likes on their FB page going to boost your Google rankings? Possibly, though I haven't fully tested it.

    But I do wonder if it could work the other way as well, that an un-naturally large amount of likes without proper engagement signals (i.e. user activity on the page) could show that you are gaming for FB likes and who knows how Google may view that. Keep it natural is my motto, or at least keep it 'looking' natural as possible. Casino just isn't a naturally shared FB topic.

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    Never mind people paying for likes. A large percentage of supposedly "organic" FB likes are completely fake because the fake like spam peddlers need to make their accounts look natural. So they seed them with loads of likes of related and random stuff. We have about 5000 likes on our page and I'm sure a significant proportion are fake/spammer accounts (that we did not buy).

    I agree that casinos are not really an activity that most people want to share with their friends. I'm a bit anti-FB and I don't have a personal account. But looking at it objectively, Facebook is pretty much a complete waste of time for a casino related affiliate site.

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