Thanks for your interest in our site, today will be the final day am offering the site for sale, we have had a lot of interest so we have extended until today. If you are still interested in buying the site please e-mail us at , the highest offer we have received so far is $1200.

URL of site:

Type of site: Casino portal/ gambling

Maturity of site: The site has been running for approximately 1.5 years as a casino portal.

Monthly page views and/or unique visitor: Approx 1500-2000, a loyal retuning base of visitors and high conversion rate of online gamblers

Expenditure: The site cost near to nothing to host approximately $10 a month

How the site makes money: Through several casino affiliate programs. The web site it self makes approximately $300 min to $1000 a month through these program and has being doing so for the last year and a half. These affiliate programs will not be sold with the site because they are in our name, the affiliates will not allow us to transfer the account for security reasons, but the new owner can simply register with these program and start earning immediately.

What’s for sale: The whole site content, domain, traffic exchange, a subscribers list which has just been added, the user will start to earn money immediately they just have to sign up to the affiliate programs.

Marketing: The web site appears in search position 2 in most search engine under the tern ‘no deposit casinos’, this took approx two years to achieve, any newcomers would know it hard to even get indexed these days never mind in the top 3 of search engines. This would take $1000s itself.

I have including search engine positions and web stats. This can be found at

Remember the highest bid is $1200 thus far please send your final bids to , by the end of today (Sunday 20th)

Roger &Reuben