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    Default Challenging UKGC Authority: APCW Perspectives for 15 September 2023

    Challenging UKGC Authority

    The UK Gambling Commission continues to push affordability checks,
    and no one seems to think they're a good idea.
    This begs the question of the Commission's authority to institute
    rules which seem to fly in the face of basic personal privacy.
    We also wonder why the Australian government seems
    so enamored with the British government.


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    Affordability Checks & Rhodes:
    Australian Credit Card Ban:
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    The Aussie Credit Card ban is absurd.

    Let me run you thru, what I assume, a gambling addict will do, to circumnavigate this CC ban.

    1. Visit a SMART ATM (instantly deposit/withdrawal) with CC.
    2. Take cash advance from said credit card.
    3. Which bank the person has the CC with (and the CC limit), ATM advance could spit out up to $2,500 cash. per day.
    4. Now gambling addict has cash (all in a matter of a couple of minutes).
    5. Take one's Debit Visa (it's not a Credit Card) which will be attached to a savings account and such.
    6. Insert Visa Debit into ATM, deposit cash into debit-account.
    7. Now the addict can happily trot home and gamble.

    Then there's this minor (rolls eyes) issue.... Since the Australian Banking Royal Commission, unless your literally rolling in cash, obtaining multiple credit cards is a nightmare feat. That's if your even approved.

    And lets face it, if you have a gambling addiction, the likelihood is, you've maxed your CC out!

    The only people this ban will affect are Aussies who gamble for some entertainment.

    Yet another Canberra Balls UP - please stop listening to ill informed, university boffins, with NO real life experience!
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    Thanks for the news
    Rest in Peace, Maria Florides

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