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    Default Change in T&C- August 2009

    Hi fellow affiliates,
    I would like to inform you that we have made some changes in our T&C and would like to share with you some of them:

    1. A better standard commission plan- We have taken up the minimum revshare to 20% and made it easier for affiliates to reach the highest level of 40%. All affiliates that are currently on the standard commission plan will be automatically moved to this commission plan and enjoy its better tiers structure as of August 1st.
    (Important- This applies only to standard commission affiliates. If you have a special commission plan you will not be affected. If you wish to learn if this change affects you, please contact
    2. Clarified PPC terms- It came to our attention that the terms were not clear enough. Now it should be better

    3. Bonus Abuse- We have cleared what is considered a bonus abuse by a players and the relation between that and the affiliate

    4. Money Transfer players- We have taken off the paragraph that was referring to the relationship between a money transfer player and the affiliate. I believe it was redundant.

    5. Sports Betting- We have clarified what is considered to be fraud in the sports betting arena.

    All of these changes have been made to close a gap that we found (with your help) exists and I hope that you’ll find these new clarification in the t&c helpful and beneficial.

    If you have any questions or concerns, you are more than welcome to ask us directly or here in the forum.

    I would like to thank the staff of Affiliate Guard Dog that have helped me identify the gaps


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    I am a US-based affiliate who promotes your brands to non-US-based players. None of my links seem to track properly in your affiliate interface, and no one ever replies to my query Emails. Is there an Email Address that I can correspond to you with ? If so, can you please PM me with details. Thanks in advance.

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