Chilipoker is proud to be the first online retailer to launch Ukash Mastercard!!!

The credit card will allow affiliates and players to make unlimited online and offline purchases with the commission and /or poker winnings. Furthermore the Ukash Mastercard can be used to withdraw profits from any ATM world-wide!

How much will the Ukash Mastercard cost me?
Absolutely nothing - Chilipoker/ShareTheChili will cover all fees associated
with the Chilipker Mastercard *.

How do I qualify for the Ukash Mastercard?

Affiliates - Generate over $5000 in monthly revenue.

Players - VIP level - Steel, Premium and Ultimate.

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Terms and Conditions:

1. In order to be able to use the card, a player must reach the "steel" status, that is, accumulate a minimum of 15,000FPPs per month. The steel status cannot be reached within the first 30 days of a player’s activity on Chilipoker.
2. Affiliates must generate an averagte $5,000 in Revenue over a period of 3 months.
3. Chilipoker is not a bank and reserves the right to refuse any player and/or affiliate who is abusing the system offered by Chilipoker.
4. The fees covered by Chilipoker are as follows :
* One ATM withdrawal per month
* 30 transfers of funds to the Ukash Mastercard from the Chilipoker account
* 30 payments with the Chilipoker Mastercard over the Internet or to a merchant.
Exceeding these limits, fees of 1€ per transfer and/or payment and 4% on any withdrawal of 4€ to 15€ maximum can and will be charged.
5. Your winnings are calculated as the difference between the balance of your account on the 1st of August 2008 and the balance when you are making the withdrawal.
6. Deposits are not considered as winnings and will never been allowed to be withdrawn
7. Any bonus is not considered as a winning and will not be taken into consideration for the calculation : First deposit bonus, reload bonus, loyalty bonus.
8. The conditions of this promotion can be change at any time without any prior notice.

NOTE: It is important to note that the UKASH mastercard balance is in EUR. Therefore funds will be exchanged from $ to € according to the daily exchange rate.

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