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    Default China busts 20 for online gambling

    It's easy to complain about the U.S. government and its archaic views on online gambling. But in terms of government involvement, it doesn't get much more stringent that China.

    As AFP reports, the Chinese government has jailed 20 people in the 'biggest-ever' Internet gambling case in the country.

    A Chinese court on Sunday jailed 20 people in what is thought to be the country's biggest ever online gambling case, state media reported.

    The Shanghai Putuo District People's Court sentenced ringleader Qian Baochun, 41, to six years and ordered him to pay a fine of five million yuan (735,000 dollars, 567,000 euros) for establishing gambling websites, the Xinhua news agency said.

    Nineteen other men were handed prison terms ranging from one to five years and fines of 20,000 yuan to one million yuan, according to the report.

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    This is another sports betting case - and what a surprise it was a major football event that established it.

    But even reading the text of the article it's hard to work out whether the "ringleader" Qian Baochun was acting as an affiliate for the O/S bookmaker, or whether he was actually collecting money directly from the players.

    It seems to suggest the latter, as it uses the terms agents (although these could just be sub-affiliates).

    As far as China being more stringent - I'm pretty sure that we've seen several US cases of this in the last couple of years too haven't we? Usuallu out of Brooklyn or New York?

    If he was collecting cash then Unlicensed betting operations - be it sports - poker - casino - are illegal in most countries.

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    Post Online Gambling Busts

    Looks like China is sending a message that online gaming odds better be fair or else! Let's hope if China make a quest to come after this industry outside their border that they do it with a cool mind open to win win agreements and not with a punishing authoritative standpoint.

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    China is the holy grail, if they ever open their market up gambling revenue will go through the roof and considering the current economic crisis the time may come soon when they do allow it as a way of rasing extra revenue,

    Though personally i dont see it happening.

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    I take a slightly different view on this.

    It seems to me that 20 ppl out of a population of 1 billion isn't such a big deal. Obviously they were trying to operate without making payoffs to officials.

    You think the Tong has gone out of business? Successful gamblers know what has to be done to stay in business.
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