ChitChat Bingo is one of the best value online bingo sites in the online bingo market. Each day our bingo room pays out over 1.15 Million to our players, plus each month we host a cool 80,000 in guaranteed bingo jackpots now these are two things worth Shouting about! Plus remeber that out Prebuy tools means that player can play without even having to log into ChitChat Bingo!

Because of this, the G2 Affiliate team has decided to mock up some cool new banners in order to help you promote, this incredible bingo room! Let these cool GIF banners do the hard work for you they are now available at G2Affiliates.com under G2Affiliates Path Creative Tab ChitChat Bingo Promotional Banners
Here are some Preview Banners for you to look at:-

ChitChat Jackpots

80,000 Guaranteed

Prebuy Tool

For all the latest information on G2 creatives and promos please contact us at - affiliates@g2affiliates.com


Ted Menmuir