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    Default Cloudbet Affiliate Scam Be Aware Of These Snakes

    So I'm a successful casino streamer and have a fairly large following within the casino gambling niche. I've spoke with the account manager of cloud bet affiliates and he got me on 40% rev share even though they do have negative carry over and their stupid website they claim you can withdrawal at any time so ive brought them a couple of players and ive requested to withdraw HOWEVER on their site they claim you can withdrawal at any time but that is a lie because it took them 2 days to process my withdraw and by the time the 2 days were over my balance was in the negative. They made over 20k in deposits from 2 high rollers ive brought them apparently my high rollers actually won so my account is in the negative for over 5k sounds very suspicious? ive asked for a better deal so the account manager told me he would put me on a cpa deal but with a 3x roll over requirement which is by far the most stupidest deal i was ever offered. So the player must roll over their deposit 3x in order for me to get paid. That means that if a player deposits $500 they need to play $1,500 worth of action so if they lose $500 cloudbet gets that revenue & i get paid nothing you guys see how greedy they are??????? Anyways i said ok to the deal because i wanted to try it out account manager made me wait 6 weeks just to tell me they dont have the infrastructure to do it so i said go F yourself for wasting even after generating over 20k for them. I'm done with them keep in mind i have multiple players plus 2 active high rollers so since they lied and wasted my time i told my players not to play at cloudbet and i blacklisted them at my site and i told my fans and followers to stay away from cloudbet casino. Do not waste my time or my energy and efforts and dont treat your affiliates like utter shite because if i grow more in popularity you're going to regret misleading & deceiving me.

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    i am done with CB as well because there was one big player who made big surplus; also their affiliate software tracks, but otherwise is awful, which would be ok, but the same is with sportsbook, that now does not accept US traffic, so it is kind of pointless

    but i think they are honest and do not steal, they paid me a lot of BTC, if i were you i would not tell them to FO but waited how those players will be in future

    just my 2cents, apparently they do not make activity quota at least for me
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    so cloudbet is a scam
    ^ google loves this ****.

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    I agree. I am also in doubt with CloudBet. I'm done with them as well !!

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