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    Hi ebruduck,

    Just to get this all clear. When did you find out that the Terms of Use stated that non UK players were not allowed to play in GBP?

    As far as I am aware in almost all multi-currency casinos I can select one of all the currencies offered. Regardless of restrictions placed in the Terms of Use or whatever the casino calls it. I think in Microgaming casinos it says "Please select", that could be interpreted as choose what you like.

    When you signed up, did you have to tick a box stating something like "I have read and accept your Terms and Conditions"? Did you read these Terms and Conditions? Did it say in these Terms and Conditions that as a non-UK player you were not allowed to play in GBP?

    I think what it depends on is what the casino has done in all cases where incorrect currency was used.

    Did the casino refund your deposit?

    What I am getting at is this. If the casino closed all accounts that were opened in an incorrect currency and refunded all these players, it is a standard policy. They acted towards you exactly as they did to all other players and unfortunately for you, I think you have no leg to stand on as they have treated your case exactly the same as any other case.

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    Not to beat a dead horse, and I certainly lack the experience others have around here, but I think Club World should have made some sort of acceptable compromise (unless the player is suspected of doing something irregular on a continuing basis).

    I might add, I have not read all Terms/Conditions in the past and they have surprised me later - so the comment above by Deaddog is on target: read, read, and read again.

    However, my experience with Club World has been excellent.
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