Cross posting always gives me guilt..

So I decided to switch up a promo I'm having on some other forums :O. Let's write.. Poker Player Profiles.

I'll write one profile for every poker player. You have to be the first to name the player in this thread to get the deal. Once a player has been named, the promo is over for that player.

I'm not offering images, please don't ask, if you've worked with me before you likely know I HATE IMAGES! In fact, if anyone is up for some charity work.. I sure could use some banners.. :O .. trade.. ? .. o wait.. off topic ..


Post the name of the poker player(s) you'd like me to profile here. Then PM me your PAYPAL (ONLY) address, and I'll send you an invoice

So long as you're the first to claim your favorite poker player, the price of the review will be $30. If you've been beaten.. well it sucks to be you .

Order 10 or more profiles, get them for $27. As always, any content you need is available, PM me for 'non profile' quotes