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    Default Contest - Help Me Improve My Website for Cash!

    I own several websites but one in particular I have spent a lot of time on but it does not generate a lot of revenue or visitors. I am at a loss anymore on ways to improve it and looking for a little help and fresh eyes. If you have time, take a look at my website and if you have a good idea on how I could improve rankings, visitor count, appearance, SEO, revenue or anything beneficial let me know. If I use your idea I will give you $100 cash!

    The website is xwww.onlineslotshub.comx

    To offer your idea please PM me and give as much detail as possible. More than 1 idea will most likely be used. To save a little time I will say making the website mobile friendly and adding a mailing list are already in the "works" so please do not submit that as an idea.

    By taking part in the contest, if your idea is used I will PayPal you $100 and your idea becomes my property. By submitting an idea and being paid the $100 it will be considered paid in full for consulting charges (an invoice may be required). The $100 will be reported as a business expense and it will be your responsibility to claim on your taxes if so fitting. The $100 will only be paid if your idea is implemented on the website or if I deem it will be implemented in the future. This contest will remain open until January 31st but I may extend or terminate the contest at any time with or without notice.

    Thanks and I look forward to some great ideas!
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