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The Duchess of Cambridge may not have given birth to her first child yet but according to news reports, she’s already planning for another one after finding the pregnancy easy. The latest news has sparked another royal baby betting frenzy and Coral bookmakers have opened up a market on when she will have her second child.

The firm are quoting 1-2 that she announces her pregnancy in 2014, while it’s 6-4 that she gives birth to her second child in the same year. The Duchess has hinted that she is expecting a girl in July and Coral are quoting 10-11 that her second baby is a boy. It’s 20-1 that she gives birth to twins, and 100-1 that she has triplets.

“Any news surrounding the Royal baby always excites punters and this latest revelation has caused another betting frenzy amongst customers. As soon as the news broke, we opened up the betting immediately and have been flooded with flutters since”, commented Coral’s Nicola McGeady.

**Year of the second baby announcement:
1-2 2014, 5-2 2015, 8-1 2016, 16-1 not before 2014, 2013 25-1

**Year of the second baby birth…
Evens 2015, 6-4 2014, 5-1 2016, 12-1 not before 2017

**Gender of the second born child:
10-11 Boy, Evens Girl
** To have twins – 20/1
** To have triplets – 100/1

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