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    Default Costa Rica? Jeez....

    Well people...

    The sponsorships were rediculously inexpensive, and a ton of affiliate managers chimed in with an "interest" in this event. But at the end of the day not ONE of them stepped up to actually sponsor this event... except Casino Jack... and he cannot do it alone.

    In fact, the programs who spoke up as having an interest in attending or sponsoring the event were contacted and have simply not followed up... in many cases never returning a phone call or an email. So at this point it looks like what could have been a great little get together is most likely not happening.

    Now don't drop into this thread to tell me how wrong I am for making this post. I am venting because it's a very disappointing situation and I have the right to do that. At the very least, the programs who showed their public support could have had the professional courtesy to answer emails and return phone calls. With the exception of our communication with Becky at "Calvin Ayre", we were ignored until it was obvious no one was going to come through.

    Maybe all the big casino and sportsbook affiliates the APCW has been in contact with would consider having a Casino 33 Open House in San Jose, and Jack can have them all to himself.

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    You are not wrong to vent about unprofessional conduct - and the least that could be done is to make contact and confirm bad news about pulling out of sponsorship ...

    Mind you most of the rest of us affiliates have to deal with AM's going missing for a week when dealing with bad news all the time. This is normal modus operandi ...

    And of course ... all the more kudos to Alex and the crowd at iGB who do manage to organise the huge affiliate events 3-4 times a year. Obviously it's no easy task - but this just underlines the difficulties.

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