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1. Several days ago i made bid on GoDaddy auction ~ 1375 THB (Thailand Bath). This is ~ $USD 50.

2. Before i made bid, i always check all twice. Account currency: THB (Thailand Bath). Near "Enter Bid" symbol of THB - Thailand bath. So i thinked that i made bid in THB.

3. I made bid. All ok, my bid displayed in THB.

4.) Today i log-in to my account and see, that all displayed now in $USD. My bid = $1375, that is too match.

5.) I tried to explain all to support, but they don't want to listen me. They reply "all bids is non-refundable". And they don't to try understand my case.

6.) Auction will end = 28 March 2018.

From my point of view this is very unhonest business practice. They indicate to customer one price, and try to charge another price. x30 times more.

I understand very well that GoDaddy is very big company and i am very small client. But i don't want to pay for they IT-bugs. I know, that the only one way to solve problem with big company is grub attention from somebody who is upper than support team level.

Otherwise it's a vicious circle. I will try to explain my situation. They will not listen me.

GoDaddy company registered in Arizona, USA. Is it possible in USA to send complain in regulator body? If yes, i would like to do this and send copy of this complain/complaints to GoDaddy.

In big companies people don't like personal responsibility. Maybe this will work?
How did this story end?
Did u got the cash back, Cat?