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    Default Creating and Launching A New Gambling Site

    What steps should I take to build a gambling site around a killer
    domain name? I have talked to a couple of software companies that
    claim they can build me a site for a few hundred to a few thousand dollars:

    Anyone hear of any good or bad experiences with these companies or can you recommend any others?


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    Big Tex

    1) If its a gambling site rather than a casino you want, build it yourself
    2) Why I say that is that your entire learning process is critical to success later in the game
    3) All the mistakes you make are crucial learning experiences
    4) I would, in the past, have suggested branding a single large site but with some search engines recently dropping some well known domains, its simply better to build a number of sites, each created differently and optimized for different search engines. Sort of a case of safety in numbers!
    5) Up front though, bookmark at least a year before making anything like an income
    6) As research, look at the sites on the front pages of google, yahoo, and MSN to learn from them.

    On the other hand, if you want a casino, then gambling federation have pretty good casino fronts as do some casino programs.
    Have a wonderful day

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    A domain name is just a small part of the operation.

    How much daily traffic does the name get at the moment?

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    It also depends on how much money you have. If you can afford to pay someone to build it and still have some cash left to effectively market it then go for it.

    I would however, build it yourself and pour all the money in to marketing, because it takes at least 6 months or longer to get any type of solid free search engine exposure. And with google changing everyday, even if you make top 10 one day, you may be gone the next.

    There are lots of people standing in line to take your money. You can just as easily customize a cheap template. Then read the forums and learn the tricks to optimization. Some companies use shady tricks to get you a top ten, but in the end, you will be banned. You don't want your great domain name banned before you are really even started.

    Good Luck!

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