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    Default Crooks report: IGS (

    Hello everyone. I am writing this crooks report because I have lost a lot of money be dealing with the company that claimed to be a "turnkey casino solution" provider, but eventually turned out to be crooks. They still operate and wait to collect money from another people who they would fool, and I do hope that this report may help someone to avoid being trapped with them. This is the sole objective of this message.

    The company is Interactive Gaming Systems (complete company details are given below). Teir product samples (casinos, poker rooms) are given below.

    The story follows.

    In the end of 2006 I was contacted by the company's account executive, Anthony Dickson (full contact details are given below) and adwiced that they are an established institution to provide the following services:

    1. State of the art casino games offered in web based(instant-play) and download formats.
    2. A full service Sportsbook offering worldwide sporting events in both American or European formats.
    3. Production of a customized web site.
    4. Full technical and customer support for your players via toll free phone, email and live chat.
    5. Monetary processing transactions including customer deposits and payouts.
    6. Backend administrative reporting software in real time to check website activities and profit reports.
    7. Training and ongoing Licensee support on the use of the back-end administrative software and any related areas.
    8. Webmaster affiliate program which tracks affiliate payouts via percentage of win, click-throughs, or deposits.
    9. Marketing tools such as custom and auto-emails, ad campaign tracking, and bonus variable manipulation.
    10. Complete web referral statistics reporting with details on which websites and/or countries are sending you traffic.
    11. Phone room wagering where your customers can place wagers via a toll free number if they are away from their computer.
    12. Foreign language integration.
    13. Poker Room software which includes Texas Hold Em, 7 Card Stud, Omaha and Tournaments.
    By that time I was already searching for a reliable business to provide a turnkey casino solution, so I was interested in this offer. Our negotiations with the IGS lead to an agreement execution and an up-front payment for the services. The agreement was executed in November 2007, we paid 60% upfront and settled to wait for 2 months when the product would be completed.
    In January 2008 I wrote an email to John Martin, an account representative of the Interactive Gaming Systems who was assigned to our project. On Jan 22 I got the following responce:
    "There has been a delay on the launching date because of the Christmas and New Year holidays, as soon as I have an update I will contact you with the news."
    I sent another message to him, but didn't get a response. Then I emailed Anthony Dickson, who was responsible for the negotiations before the agreement was executed, and on Jan 26 he responded that
    "We are currently being audited/investigated by a US government agency. For this reason we must temporarily suspend all work until further notice."
    I was impressed by the difference in the reasons that those 2 people from the same company gave to explain the project delays. I wrote them both, but never got a response. I wrote them messages couple of times afterwards, but with the same outcome. No response. I called them in February and had a talk with Mr. Anthony Dickson. He gave no explanations of why they didn't respond and claimed that they still are audited and their accounts are frozen, so they can't even issue a refund of our upfront payment. Meanwhile some of their sample casinos (see below) continue operating and that's absolutely out of any other explanations but the one. The whole thing was meant to finish like that from the wery start, and the company is just another band of crooks. As of now, it's the end of April, I am sure that the Interactive Gaming Systems already forgot about our agreement and moves forward to explore new horizons with other clients.

    More info about the company:
    Interactive Gaming Systems
    235 Pasaje Carabelas, 10th Floor
    Capital Federal, Buenos Aires
    ARGENTINA 1009
    5252 5100
    Website: htXXtp://
    Legal detailes:
    G.I. Enterprises, ltd
    Legal address: PO BOX 642 Charlestown, KN Nevis, West Indies

    They claim this to be their sample casino with their software: htXXtp://

    Company representatives
    Anthony Dickson
    Account Executive
    Toll Free: 800 761 6594 ext 219
    Direct Dial: 323 908 3531
    Direct Dial Intl.: +5411 5252 3100 ext 219

    Company's billing details:
    Name: Favio De Marco
    Address: 315 Meigs Rd., Suite A #378, Santa Barbara, CA 93109
    Bank Name: First Republic Bank
    Bank Address: 18 W. Canon Perdido St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101
    ABA: 321081669
    Account number: 92600001191

    Company claims that these are their product samples:
    They claim this to be their sample casino with their software: htXXtp://
    Here are another few samples they sent me. Currently 2 of these casinos ceasesd operations:

    Hope this report may help someone to avoid the trap with IGS.
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