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    Default Crown Vegas Spam?

    Had a total of 3 of these type emails this moring to two different accounts. All redirect to Crown Vegas...

    What's happening?

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    They are also allowing US players with extremely fast payouts.

    SPAM is on the rise again...???
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    Me too, yes it looks like we have a SPAMMER in our midst.

    I don't know about others, but this is getting beyond a joke. I naturally expect to get spammed because my business and life basically revolves around the net.

    However, I'm starting to see a pattern. Emails that I've used for either aff payments or other business related matters are the only emails being SPAMMED.

    I conclude that there is too much of a coincidence, especially given that many of use are now being bombarded with this crap from the same source.

    Either there has been another disgruntled employee who has been sacked from an aff program or a casino and has stolen an email db, a casino or aff group has started dealing in email lists or we have someone in our midst who has access to these email addresses.

    I doubt we'll ever find out, though looks like I'll have to ear mark an entire day out and go around and change all my email addresses to a new one and then activate a spamblocker to only allow xyz access.

    Another waste of precious time because of some low life scum bag.

    I'll issue a warning to any scum bag that wants to send me SPAM, do so at your own peril!


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    Ive been receiving them for the last couple of weeks - makes ya sick, but not enough people are disturbed by it to make the fight worthwhile.

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